M.Pharma Departments

Institute of Pharmacy is running courses approved by AICTE, PCI, UGC(2f) & Affiliated to AKTU, BTE, Lucknow.

About M.Pharm Departments

We are running M. Pharm in two branches:

Department of Pharmaceutics
Pharmaceutics is a multidisciplinary science concerned with delivering and maintaining appropriate drug concentrations at target sites in the body for appropriate times. Pharmaceutical technology is devoted to preparing scholars with expertise in the development of new drug formulations and molecule-based drug delivery systems.

Department of Pharmacology
The Department of Pharmacology focuses on the safe and effective use of drugs and an evaluation of the social and economic impact of drug therapy in health care systems and investigates their interaction at the molecular, cellular, and whole-body level. The department is equipped with all the required instruments and animals to carry out the research activities. This department studies the action of various drugs on the living tissues and then this knowledge is extended to the treatment of various diseases and disorders, thus forming the science of therapeutics.

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