From the desk of the Chairman:
Education is the most powerful tool to enrich one’s personality and also to inculcate positive changes in society. It is the only medium that enables us to move from darkness to light. I strongly believe that the education system is the most influential factor to drive and improve our nation’s prosperity and social-economic well-being. As technocrats are the key to the continued economic and technological advancement of our country, Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology is committed to nurture young minds who would play a defining role in the society by virtue of their enhanced technical and operative personal skills.

It is indeed very satisfying to witness that the institute has carved a name for itself in the academic arena of the country. We aim at establishing benchmarks in academic excellence and holistic grooming of our students to meet the career challenges in the increasingly globalised economic conditions. PSIT is committed to foster the pursuits of individual excellence and participation in a full range of multi-dimensional activities. We believe that quality education is the gateway to golden opportunities to lead a life of dignity & prosperity. We thus leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and best possible facilities to our faculty, staff and students.

PSIT focuses on all-round development of its students. Over the years, the Institute has turned into a happening place because of its enviable placement record and superlative performance in academic, research, co-curricular and extra-curricular fields. We take pride in our faculty and students who have won laurels for us in various facets of professional life and established new benchmarks for others.

Students should always have their education laced with morality and ethics. We should all remember that“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” and we should inculcate honesty and integrity in all that we do. I earnestly hope and trust that the esteemed academicians and budding technocrats of PSIT will continue to work with sincerity, honesty and dedication and thereby contribute to make this world a better place to live.

Mr. Pranveer Singh

Director Pharmacy

Qualification : Ph.D , M.Pharm

Working Experience : 27 Years

From the Desk of Director Pharmacy:

It gives me immense pleasure to say a few words about the credentials of our Institute. The Institute was established in 2004, with the aim of being recognized as CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in the field of Pharmacy education & being born with the motive to provide quality education. Academic Institutions require consistent devotion and momentous efforts to transform your future.

PSIT, Institute of Pharmacy has well-established laboratories, analytical rooms, and well-built infrastructure for performing research at ambient conditions. To handle strenuous tasks, we have highly qualified faculty members who motivate students to achieve more. To match the industry's real-time requirements, we conduct events and activities for training students as per the current social, economic, industrial, and global challenges.

Institute of Pharmacy has a well-established CPCSEA approved animal house for conducting studies on animals. The animals are of high quality to ensure proper research.

The Institute provides immense opportunities by training students and giving them factual exposure by conducting Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Guest lecturers, Industrial visits, Quizzes, Health Camps, Social awareness drives, and a lot more. We have facilities required for performing research on herbal plants. We have research projects sponsored by DST, ICMR, UPCST, and other government agencies.

As our profession is to serve society, we build a sense of service amongst our students as responsible healthcare professionals. It helps them with making immense prospects in the field of Pharmacy.

The Alumni of the Institute has spread across the globe as Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Academics, Industrial Professionals, and Government Officials. I invite you to connect with us and explore the possibilities of Pharmacy programs offered at PSIT, Institute of Pharmacy.

Prof (Dr) A.K.Rai

Director PSIT

Qualification : Ph.D, M.Tech

Working Experience : 22 years

From the Desk of Director PSIT

I welcome you to PSIT website to help you explore your potential as a budding professional.

As a premier institution working to achieve excellence in professional education, we are determined to do so, by creating an ecosystem for the holistic development of all stakeholders. Since 2004, we are working extensively in the area of education as an affiliate institution of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), Lucknow. We are endeavouring to develop a "T" profile among our students, having sufficient width and required depth in their area of study, with exemplary faculty members and excellent state-of-the-art facilities. We believe in giving permanent systematic innovative teaching, making our students capable of earning their rightful place in this world with innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, consultancy, health, environment, technology, and trade.

Object Based Education (OBE) is the key to ensure that each teaching session terminates with the enhancement of the capabilities of our students.

If you wish to be a part of this exciting journey, of discovering the hidden talents housed deep inside you, then you have landed in the correct place of making that dream come true. We are known for the holistic development of each stakeholder. This is made possible by the division of learning & achievement spread across the assessment cycles. The graduate attribute as a Program Outcome (PO) is mapped each year to focused areas. This is to ensure you that we are honestly pursuing the academic objectives. The effectiveness of the same can be assessed with the outstanding placement record growing consistently over the years. We are a preferred destination for UG study, made possible by the visionary leadership and generous support of the management in the form of construction and maintenance of the excellent infrastructure. We put a lot of stress on building a holistic personality. The same is institutionalized through the formation of various passion clubs, where student and faculty members participate round the year, connecting and bringing the transformation needed.

Do feel free to reach us without any hesitation at, with any suggestion / query. We welcome thoughts to further strengthen us.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Bhalla

Dean Academics

Qualification : Ph.D

Working Experience : 19 Years

From the Desk of Dean Academics:

If life is a jar, fill it with the Golf balls followed by pebbles, sand and water thereafter. Golf balls are the priorities of your life. So set the priorities right, the rest would automatically fall in place.

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than anything else. And of course, there is no set formula for success except an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings. So, for a smooth working in life better plan your work and work your plan.

Dr. Vishal Mehta
Dean Academics , PSIT Kanpur

Dean - Training & Placement

Qualification : MCA

Working Experience : 17 Years

From the desk of the Dean - Training & Placement:
This is an era of technological innovations and education is nowhere behind in evolving technologies.The modern educational world is echoing with the waves of innovation in every aspect. In this dynamic milieu, the young minds of our country be fostered and encouraged to be placed at the pinnacle of success. PSIT is one institute that has evolved with time to be at par with the global educational world. The intellect, high energy, motivation and willingness of our students, assure that they bring an added measure of maturity and knowledge to the classroom. The two-way communication between the students and the professors greatly enriches the educational experience for all. The combination of bright, dedicated students and expert professional faculty results in a great learning environment. PSIT is an exhilarating place to study and grow. It is a place where thinkers are transformed into leaders; a place where the craving of knowledge is quenched by a desire for distinction. The faculty members are not just the people with the right degree but people who know the industry in and out. Not only do they provide a deep understanding of the academic theories and concepts of their speciality, but also provide the students with an insight into the practical issues and challenges their discipline is currently facing. They impart the importance of the right balance of theory and practice. We accentuate teamwork, allowing each student to benefit from the quality and diverse cultural and business backgrounds of their classmates. We also encourage a strong partnership between students, faculty and staff in the learning enterprise.

Our students are working hard to be a part of this large dynamic industry. The intensive training and the encouraging learning environment of our institute has made them proficient in the basic as well as the specialized field of relevance. The various value-added courses being imparted at the Institute have given adequate exposure to our students. Apart from core technical skills, our students are competent in soft skills too. PSIT has provided a perfect environment for developing the overall personality of the students.

We are confident that these young men and women would be an asset to your organization throughtheir technical and managerial capabilities and their talent for innovation. We aim is to actively assist you in attracting and identifying the individuals best suited to your needs and in developing a successful recruitment relationship. Further, I express my sincere gratitude to all those organizations that have extended their active co-operation to the department in accomplishing its endeavours successfully. I indeed have a great honour to present the students to your esteemed organizations as I look forward to your cooperation in the placement of our students.

Mr. Manmohan Shukla
Dean - Training & Placement

Designation: Dean Pharmacy & Head IEDC

Qualification : Ph.D

Working Experience : 11 years

From the desk of Dean Pharmacy & Head IEDC

I take pleasure of welcoming you to PSIT Kanpur. It is an excellent institute where we focus on giving way to new research, develop research platforms, provide guidance to students and involve interdisciplinary researches.

The department has well-qualified, experienced faculty and well-equipped laboratories and other infrastructural facilities. We strongly believe in holistic development of students and we want to make them accomplished professionals in their chosen field.

We already have phenomenal researchers working to find new medications to combat today's illnesses. We have facilities required for performing research on herbal plants and animals. We have research projects sponsored by DST, ICMR, UPCST and other government agencies.

We have Innovation & Entrepreneurship development centre (IEDC) which works as the first launch pad for a student’s entrepreneurial journey and provides them with access to cutting edge technology, world-class infrastructure, high-quality mentorship, early risk capital and external connects.

We nurture our students’ skills & and help them reach out to infinite possibilities on global levels. I wish all the success to my dear students in their endeavours.

Dr. Pranay Wal