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Career Counselling Workshop by Mr. Dinesh Pathak, Career Counselor, AKTU

Mr. Dinesh Pathak, Career Counselor from AKTU, conducted a Workshop  in Seminar Hall-1 at 11.00 AM on 7th November, 2019 regarding Career Counseling for Prospective Placement which was attended by the Final Year students of PSIT Kanpur.  The following were also present in the Workshop.



Dr. S.K. Bhalla

Director, PSIT


Mr. Manmohan Shukla

Dean (Training & Placement)


Dr. Vishal Nagar

HoD (Computer Science & Engineering)


At the outset Dr. S.K. Bhalla welcomed Mr. Dinesh Pathak, Chief Orator of the Workshop followed by Mr. Manmohan Shukla, who gave a brief narration of the Workshop.


The above Workshop was organized to counsel and motivate the Final Year students with a view to ensure success in their respective placement drives.  Mr. Pathak endeavored to motivate the students by giving narration of a few world class champions, who, despite being physically challenged, set the examples, which in the ordinary course, would have been impossible for an ordinary person.  Some names, as depicted by Mr. Pathak, are as under:


Hima Das, Gold Medalist (Athletics)

Mansi Joshi, World Champion (Badminton)

Aruna Sinha, Mountaineer 

Deepa Malik - World Champion (Gymnastic)


Mr. Pathak, disclosing a fair tip for the students, narrated that in each placement drive the Team (HR) tries to dig out the strengths/weaknesses of the participating students which helps them most to ascertain the eligibility of the candidates.  Therefore, the students must remain alert to reply the question “Tell/speak something about you” which is asked by the Team in almost all the placement drives.  Therefore, he stressed the need of CONFIDENCE while facing such interviews. 


Mr. Pathak also shared his observation with the students that almost 90-99% students are in the habit of wasting their useful time in social media, which could be effectively utilized in their career upliftment.  Therefore, he stressed the need to curb this practice. 


Motivating the students further Mr. Pathak explained the meaning of EXCEL splitting each letter of this word, as under:


E                      Exel (Splendid)          

X                    Xerophagy

C                     Character

E                      Example

L                      Laborious


That is to say, a student having above characteristics ensures his success.


Similarly, he also laid importance for the candidates to be honest for themselves to achieve their target of SUCCESS in such interviews; which he explained as under:


S                      Self Discipline

U                     Understanding

C                     Courage

C                     Commitment

E                      Excellence

S                      Self Esteem    

S                      Struggle


Mr. Pathak concluded this Workshop with the comment that if the candidate honestly follows above parameters, no one can stop him to achieve his/her desired goal.