Institute of Pharmacy

Institute of Pharmacy is running courses approved by AICTE, PCI, UGC(2f) & Affiliated to AKTU, BTE, Lucknow.

Institute of Pharmacy

Our institute has well qualified, experienced faculty, AC classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and other infrastructural facilities. We strongly believe in the holistic development of students, and we want to make them accomplished professionals in their chosen field. We already have phenomenal researchers working to find new medications to combat today's illnesses. We have research projects sponsored by DST, ICMR, UPCST, AKTU, and other government agencies. The institute has CPCSEA approved animal house and herbal garden for performing research on animals and plants. We have exceptional faculty members who work constantly to make our Institution a center for excellence. Our faculties are members of professional bodies like IPA, APTI, ACPI, etc. We have a strong research environment, and some of our faculties are reviewers of international journals.

Our courses are approved by AICTE, PCI, BTE, and under section 2f of UGC.


To flourish and excel in the sphere of Pharmacy and other allied sciences with the ultimate goal of providing excellent &innovative measure in patient care and drug-development.


The institute is committed to:
• Focus on developing research platforms, provide guidance to students and involve interdisciplinary researches.
• Educate students to serve the society by taking care of challenges in healthcare, contributions to pharmaceutical industry, community pharmacy and hospital practices.
• Make our students skilled in all spheres and help them reach out to infinite possibilities on global levels,

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Research Projects Received by the Department.

  • Institute has collaborated with LPS Institute of cardiology and completed a project worth rupees 17.55 Lacs by Indian Council of Medical Research. PI- Dr. Vinay Krishna(Cardiology), CO-PI - Dr. Pranay Wal (Dean Pharmacy, PSIT), Ms Ankita Wal,(Associate Professor) Dr. A.K Rai (Director Pharmacy)
  • A project by UPCST has been received by the institute under Dr. Pranay Wal for 11 lakh rupees.
    Co-Investigator Dr. Ruchi Tiwari. (Associate Professor)
  • Obtained research grant entitled "Stimuli sensitive mesoporous silica nanopreparation based sustained drug delivery system for Cancer" from AKTU, Lucknow under VRPS. The PI for the project is Dr. A. K. Rai (Director Pharmacy) , Co PI- Dr. Swatantra Kushwaha
  • Completed DST- NIMAT project worth Rs 11 lakhs by Dr. Pranay Wal.
  • The faculty consist of 6 doctortes and 9 who are pursuing their Ph.D.


Institute of Pharmacy has been an impressive record of Patents. The Pharmacy Institute has got three Patents last year, A total of 15 patents were published.

Publications (Last one Year )

3 chapters published in Elsevier, 2 e-books, 4 books published and 52 articles published in reputed journals like Science Direct, Elsevier, Bentham and Scopus

Merit Positions:

Institute of Pharmacy secured 3rd position in AKTU merit list in the year 2018-19.

Divita bagged bronze medal in AKTU Merit list in year 2018-19.

3rd and 9th position in AKTU Merit list in the year 2016-17. Anmol Gupta bagged bronze medal and Ashita Sareen scored 9th position in the merit list.


The Institute of Pharmacy has successfully launched a journal titled, "JOURNAL OF DRUG DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENT".


Institute has launched and successfully published a Magazine called, "PHARMAFOCUS".

Approvals for Research:

Institute Of Pharmacy has CPCSEA Approval for 5 years from Government of India for performing basic level research in established animal house as per Animal Welfare Division and PCI standards. The institute has also received approval from AKTU to become a research centre.